Tintype Portrait Copyright PhotoboothSF

Tintype Portrait Copyright PhotoboothSF

I am an artist, designer, and gardener. This website documents my years working in the San Francisco Bay Area. I transplanted to Seattle in early 2016.

Originally from the East Coast and Midwest, I moved to Oakland to pursue a BFA in Photography from the California College of the Arts in 2000.  I continue to make art and enjoy a collaboration with Isaac Amala creating large scale sculpture and installations out of repurposed materials (Isaac and Liz)

As a garden designer, I specialize in creating artful, finely crafted landscapes using sustainable practices.  I create fabricated garden ecologies that are beautiful from the inside out. These living spaces can take on many aesthetic forms inspired by the unique personality of my clients and the landscape around their home we are to work with. Creating environments that they and the other organisms in their garden will be at home in is at the heart of the work I do.

In the San Francisco Bay Area's Mediterranean climate there are many special considerations to make when creating a landscape. With our current drought and normal seasonal pattern of long dry summers we can still have beautiful landscapes that require less water and maintenance. 

I love to work with California natives because they are beautiful, tough, and ask for so little in return for what they give.  Hiking in the mountains, desert, on the coast, and everywhere in between I learn about designing with these plants by spending time with them.  My travels abroad have widened my plant palette through the years to include new discoveries and inspirations that can work in harmony with our special climate.  With the long growing season in the Bay Area we are so fortunate to be able to grow fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs year round. The freshest produce can grow right outside your door.

All gardens, even low maintenance gardens, need a gardener.  Garden health and design integrity must be maintained.  A garden is an investment that will only grow with guidance.  Designing a garden and planting it is only the beginning.  I offer maintenance services and also enjoy using the garden as a classroom to teach clients how to care for their landscape. Together we can create a beautiful, thriving garden.