"Liz is more than a garden designer – she’s an artist with a deep sensitivity to the mood and possibilities of a particular piece of land. She also really knows plants: what works where, how each grows, which to avoid in which settings. Starting out, my husband and I had an idea of what effect we wanted to create, but no clue as to how to get there. And ours was no easy site to work with, dominated as it is by an oak tree that creates deep shade as well as a virtual prohibition on watering in summer. Liz’s collaborative abilities drew us into the process in meaningful ways, and we now have a garden that feels like it stepped straight out of our imaginations. We wish we could spend more time sitting out there – but even looking out at the garden while we cook or wash dishes makes us feel more relaxed and in touch with nature.  And the bird population has multiplied before our eyes!"      

-Ilona Bray


"Hiring Liz Simpson to design my garden is one of the best decisions I have ever made. She is a skilled and knowledgeable garden designer, but she has another quality that is far more rare – vision: the gift for imagining into existence other people's dreams. The garden she created for me is exactly what I had dreamed of: a vibrant urban oasis that attracts and nurtures birds, bees, butterflies and wildlife. 

Liz remade my formerly haphazard backyard into a thriving and diverse native meadow with a lush riparian alcove. A lackluster front entryway has become one of my favorite outdoor rooms since Liz transformed it into a magical woodland corridor with creekside dogwoods, flowering grasses, and fragrant yerba buena. She has a knack for balancing new additions with existing plants and making the most of a space, whether it's large, small or oddly shaped. She is one of the hardest workers I have ever known, often working past sundown to complete an installation, and her calm, gentle nature makes her a pleasure to be around. I would recommend Liz Simpson to anyone who wants a low-water garden that is a unique and beautiful work of art."      

-Tai Moses


"I wanted to design a memorial garden in honor of my father who loved, birds, nature and gardens. It was an emotional time for me and I wanted to work with someone who could honor my wishes. Liz was amazing! We turned our front yard into a tranquil native woodland garden filled with grasses, wildflowers, shrubs and beautiful flowering perenials. We added a small water feature which has greatly increased the number of birds in the garden. She also designed a small stone circle in the garden's center where each stepping stone you stand on enables you to see the sunset (when it's not fogged in).  The garden exceeded my expectations!  Her knowledge of plants, textures, attention to detail coupled with good listening skills, creative flair and gentle spirit made working with her a delight. Most importantly every time I watch the sunset from the stone circle, listen to bird chatter or watch something burst into bloom it's like a gift from my dad. Now I want her to help me in my side and back yards as well!       

-Diana Syverud


"With her artist’s gift for design and knowledge of plants and their needs, Liz has worked with us to transform aging sod and crabgrass to a magic landscape of native plants and edibles. Now, instead of hearing the sound of a lawn mower, we hear humming birds and towhees as they explore beds of sage, penstemon, Manzanita and sticky monkey flower. When we walk out our front door, we are greeted by asparagus, strawberries, kale, beets, collard greens…and whatever veggies are in season.

 We met Liz at Bringing Back the Natives in 2008. In the fall of 2009 we began removing crabgrass and sheet mulching our front yard. Three and a half years later, we are stunned with the beauty of our gardens. Liz worked with our ideas as well as contributing her own. Liz is a patient and thorough teacher. She has taught us a great deal about plants and their needs as we have worked together over the years.

We wanted a figure eight walking path surrounded by natives. She worked with us to design a path that pleases our hearts and senses. Her knowledge of how plants will mature and fill in and thrive in varied areas of shade and sun has proved itself again and again."

-Jenn Beihn and Joan Lohman